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Rates Conversation:

As you probably know, in our area most Tutoring Academies charge $80 to $100 per hour for In-Home Private Tutoring. (Some charge much more!) 
And the average cost of an "Assessment Session" is around $90.  (To learn more about an "Assessment Session", please go to this page on our website HERE) 
Although we are not the "least expensive" Tutoring Academy, I think you'll find that we have great rates - and an exceptional New Student Promotion going on right now. 
And most importantly, we have excellent Tutors! 
Our Standard Rate for In-Home Private Tutoring is $65 per hour. 
Our New Student Promotion Rate is only $54 per hour when purchased as a package. 
Our Continuing Package Rate is only $49.90 per hour! 

    Our New Student Promotion Package includes: 

- FREE 1-hr Assessment Session and a Personalized Learning Plan prepared for your child ($90 value) 

- 10 hours of In-Home Tutoring ($650 value + $90 is $740 total value) 

**Your New Student Promotion Package is only $540. ($200 savings) 

BONUS: After completing an Assessment Session and 20 hours of Tutoring (two 10-packs at $540), Continuing 10-Packs can be purchased for only $499!  (Only $49.90 per hour!) 
IMPORTANT: Due to outstanding experience and high demand, some of our Sunset Tutors charge a higher fee. Please add the following amounts per hour for the following Tutors: 

Yi C. +$10.  AP, SAT and ACT Tutoring +$15 

Jannette H, +$10 
Yi's New Student Promotion Package is $640 (not AP, SAT, or ACT)
Yi's AP, SAT and ACT Tutoring New Student Promotion Package is $690 
Jannette RATES: 
Jannette's New Student Promotion Package is $640 
AVAILABILITY as of 11-10-16 
Yi C hang (310)-717-7704 ychang1994@gmail.com 
Tuesday: 3:30 to 5:30
Wednesday: 3:30 to 6:30
Saturday: after 4:30
Sunday: All Day
If you can just book me some evaluation sessions and I will take care of the rest. If I need to move around my schedule, I definitely will be able to since all of my students are private.
Randi T hompson   619.990.6804 scrandi11@gmail.com 

Saturdays 10:00am-3:00pm
Sundays 10:00am-5:00pm
Monday, Thursday, and Friday Mornings - 7:00-8:00am
Monday through Thursday evenings - 7:00pm-10:00pm. I could do one day a week starting at 6:00pm - doesn't matter the day, just won't be able to leave work that early on a regular basis.

I prefer to work 2-5 hours/week to start with so that I can get into a routine and then add more from there.

Patrick M organ   (916) 751-8662 pcmorgan4444@gmail.com  
Mon through Thurs: 7-10p
Saturday/Sunday: 12p - 6p
Suzy (Azecena) H ernandez  (310) 803-0297 hernandez_azucena@yahoo.com 
After school through early evening and weekends.

Michelle B erger
(203) 589-1566
Lots of flexibility in schedule but not Fridays
English - reading writing grammar
SAT Prep English section only - Essays
Math - K-8
Science - K-8
Lauren S tachura
Redondo Beach
M - could make available
Tu - after 7:30pm
Wed until 5
Th - after 7:30pm
Friday - available anytime
Weekends - caters occasionally, but can work it out.
Math through Algebra II (not calc or trig)
Science - K-8
English - K-8
Not Available: Jannette H uynh (714) 363-7075 jannette_huynh@yahoo.com
I am available anytime on Monday til Friday until 6 pm.